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WOKwiki- quizzes to Wikipedia!

WOKwiki is an app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices that give you quizzes to wikipedia articles. 

Yes. WOKwiki has everything that Wikipedia has.
We have just added a new dimension of fun: The quizzes to Wikipedia! 

WOKwiki. The best thing that happened to Wikipedia. Since Wikipedia. 

1. WOKwiki is FREE! Download the app!

This is how it works: In WOKwiki app on iPhone or Android you can search any article on Wikipedia and then click Take Quiz.

We have a huge content of hundred of thousands of multiple choice questions making it useful for all content on Wikipedia. Made by the WOKers. And more is added day by day. 

Read any article in Wikipedia. And then take a quiz related to the Wikiarticle in WOKwiki. Simple. And yet: Powerful and fun! You will never go back use Wikipedia alone again without it!

And of course. WOKwiki is free. Just like Wikipedia. 
WOKwiki. The best thing that happened to Wikipedia. Since Wikipedia.

 Download WOKwiki from Appstore and Google Play Store. Its FREE! Then: log in through Facebook or sign up for a new WOK account or login with your existing WOKcraft account. Its free and easy! 

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2. Shake or chose Random in menu to get a wikipedia article!

In the opening List Quiz page you can search for any article in Wikipedia or choose a Wikipedia article by shaking your device.

A random article will appear with a quiz with one or more multiple choice questions to take.

Just press the blue Take Quiz button whenever you like. Before or after reading the wikipedia article to start the fun. 


3. Choose any article on Wikipedia you like!

In the WOK database there is over 300000 questions in english and many other languages. WOK staff and its associates ambassadors and fans: the WOKers help to make the system better and inprove the functions, content and tag all questions to relevant articles on a daily basis.  

All the multiple choice questions is also growing day by day making WOK more and more useable and fun over time! In Quiz List, you choose any article that has a question attached to it. In the menu you can search any wikipedia article including articles that have yet no questions related to it by tags. 

The app WOKwiki is a Wikipedia-app. And an app for Wikipedia + quizzes. We just added the dimension of gamification and fun! Its a simple as that.

We call it Wikipedia 2.0. And we are proud of our tagline: The best thing that happend to Wikipedia. Since Wikipedia. Because: who wants just a Wikipedia app when you can have Wikipedia and the quizzes related to it? Its like going back to the age before Facebook, before iPhone and before... well : Lets just say we hope you like it as much as we WOKers do! Enjoy WOKwiki today! Hope you will share the joy. 

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4. WOK is World of Knowledge

WOKwiki will bring you to WOKcraft, the social media for all quiz lovers around the globe! Share and enjoy the world of facts and take quizzes created by other WOKers! 

WOKwiki is a part of World of Knowledge where you can collect WOKbits in WOKwiki and in many parts of the Knowledge Network we simply call WOK. 

Just like Wikipedia is a collaborations of knowledge fans gathering together: WOKwiki is the next level of Wikipedia. Its the gamification of learning.


5. Check your answers and learn more!

After the quiz is taken, you can check all your answers and the incorrect ones to learn more in your subject of interest. All questions have tags and its easdy to click on a tag to jump to next subject and continue. Its a never ending app for knowledge. 

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6. Create questions and be a part of WOK!

World of Knowledge and WOKwiki is made by and for the users: the WOKers. Each question is created by a WOKer. You can easily be part of WOk to, by create a question to any article. Your collective efforts in WOK is counted by your WOKbits. You score WOKbits for each correct answer and even more when you create questions (+200). Create a question (1), confirm it by answer it (2). Place it in a Main Category (3) and add tags (4) so the question end up in the right and relevant wikipedia article. The question will be used through out the WOK ecosystem like in the app Quiz King. You can create questions in many languages. (For now English is the language in WOKwiki) 

7. Use WOKwiki as your nr 1 Wikipedia tool!

476 million people use Wikipedia every month. Its an incredible number for fact search. WOKwiki is not only making Wikipedia more fun. Its an excellent Wikipedia app as such. You can search any aritcle in Wikipedia in the menu. With or without quiz related to it. You can search within wikipedia just as you use to. All links inside any wikipedia article works and you jump between the articles fast and easy. We have just aimed to do Wikipedia better. We have 100000 articles with quiz, but not all articles have quiz yet. But by the time: WOKers will join in and make them, just as they have collaborated in create Wikipedia, the WOK community will help to create useful quiz to all wikipedia articles. 

We can assure you: Once you have start use WOKwiki, There is no other wikiapp that you want to go back to. Really. Its a gamechanger. 

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8. Challenge a WOKEr in any Article

Next to holding a speech, the best thing to learn something is to write the questions related to the subject. It is not only fun: It give you plenty of knowledge that will stick to your head without ever using Google!

Knowledge is about whats in your head. And WOKwiki is all about "Whats in your head". 

That´s why WOKwiki is the best thing that happended to Wikipedia. Since Wikipedia. 
WOKwiki make learning into game. You can challenge any WOKer in any wikipedia article and play for fun who will get the most WOkbits in a quiz. 

Welcome WOKer! WOKwiki. The best thing that happened to Wikipedia. Since Wikipedia.